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You Tube

Dispensible Distractions

Goodbye YouTube.

Starting your war against Ad Blockers ⇒ I'm not using You Tube any more.

I don't want to watch adverts. I am not prepared to pay the inflated price for You Tube Premium.

All I want to watch on You Tube is stuff from geeky hobbyists about their geeky hobbies.

Not “Content” from “Content Creators”.

I don't want to watch “media”.

I don't want to watch adverts.

I understand I have two choices:

1) Disable AdBlocker and put up with the adverts

2) Stop using You Tube.

Nothing on the Internet is so important that we cannot live without it.

We managed perfectly well for many generations without You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. etc.

We still had intelligent interactions with real people.

Read books.

Saw cinema.

Watched TV.

Listened to Radio.

Wrote letters.

Visited people face to face.

You Tube, as with the rest of Social Media, is completely expendable.

I vote for 2)

Bye Bye

John Pumford-Green 09/10/23 13:05

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