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Thu 27 July 2023

  • Have been thinking about building a K2
    • I built one in 2006 but sold it, along with the K1 I'd built in 2003
    • The K1 #1672 now lives with Will GM0HKS, in a new wooden enclosure https://gm0hks.weebly.com/shack-photos.html
    • I don't know where the K2 #5542 ended up, I'd love to find out where it is now….
    • The K2 had several options : SSB / 160m & RX antenna port / 60m / Auto-ATU
  • I contacted Elecraft yesterday - the K2 is shown as “Back order, waiting parts” - to check that they aren't going to discontinue it and received a reply confirming that they have no plans to discontinue it at present. Kits will be available as soon as the parts arrive from suppliers - typical of the global problem with semiconductors at the moment.
  • I decided to “get in the queue” for back-orders and placed an online order for the basic K2 kit and the 160m/RX antenna port module. Sadly the 60m module is no longer produced, and I have no interest in using SSB or digimodes with this K2. I want it as a pure CW transceiver.
  • I've re-joined the Elecraft reflector https://mailman.qth.net/mailman/listinfo/elecraft
  • I plan to document the build - perhaps even with some YouTube videos.
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