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2023 Radio Update

Internet Connected Radio

  • I am going to avoid any radio modes/methods that require an internet connection. I feel more and more that amateur radio communication should be radio ↔ radio only
  • The Internet is useful as an “accessory” to the actual communication (spotting for WSPR, PSKReporter etc.), but I feel increasingly that it shouldn't be a necessary part of the communication itself, which should rely on RF alone.
  • “Normal” Repeaters are okay - it's RF all the way: User ↔ Repeater ↔ User.
    • No DMR Hotspot
    • No Fusion/YSF Hotspot
    • No AllStar Link
    • No Echolink

Plans for the year ahead

  • build 17m CW “phasing” RX
  • build 17m CW TX - QRP 5W
  • Work MUCH MORE CW using bug and straight key and Bencher Paddles - stay versatile!
  • Try to have at least one CW QSO each day, within reason.
  • Monitor 10m FM and try to have some QSOs - call CQ regularly - Gave up on this.
  • Try to use higher bands (17/15/12/10) when they are open.
  • Use 30m CW OFTEN
  • Try to call CQ on 60m CW daily 5260kHz for UK and ~5355.0kHz for WARC-band countries
  • Re-join the local radio club and get more involved in their activities
  • Take part in the 2023/4 Straight Key Night
  • Upload a few more You Tube videos - incl. some “real time recordings” of CW QSOs
  • Keep LOTW and Club-Log up to date
  • Keep electronic Xlog up to date as well as logging everything in my paper logbook


  • Elecraft K2 (ordered - on Back Order - 27/7/23)
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