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Sun 16 July 2023

  • Period 1 2000z
  • SFI = 179 A = 8 K = 1
  • 60m
    • Heard G3XIZ call CQ on 5262kHz (QRP freq) & replied using 5W QRP too
    • Chris heard me with difficulty under his high local noise floor and I decided to make things more even by increasing to 100W
    • This is probably a fair levelling of the playing field!
    • BVp - RCh - discussed rigs/keys/keyer/MF and local noise levels. Makes me consider a return to “500kHz” MF in the winter - only on CW of course!
    • Is this going to be possible? Some thought needed. Last time I was on MF I had to give up HF operation - only space for one “big” antenna and its ATU
  • 40m
    • Heard G3XBI call CQ and called him amid lots of close-in QRM.
    • 599 report both ways and nice QSO - BVp - ~RCh
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