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I have acquired an old “Mark 1” Icom IC-706 - ex GM0CXQ (SK)

It required some TLC to bring it back to useful life

  • Cleaning - inside and out….
  • Power cable (temporary bodge, new cable on order via eBay)
  • Microphone (another temporary bodge pending a new eBay microphone)
  • Intermittent Receive loss on 6m traced to LPF switching relays - cleaned contacts, fingers crossed it's a long term solution
  • MARS Mod to open up transmit to include 60m

Plans for the little radio

I have connected it to my 10m vertical dipole and intend to use it for 10m mainly. It will be limited to 20W (in line with my new 20W max power policy) which has the benefit that I can use my LDG “Z-817H” auto-atu to match the 10m vertical on 12m, 15m and 17m.

I might also install a 6m vertical T2LT style dipole and see what activity I can find during the summer Sporadic E season, and then the autumn/winter F2 season, on 6m - a new band for me.

See the IC-706 page

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