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Tue 30/04/24 : Stop Being A Grumpy Old Sad Ham

  • I've decided to stop feeling grumpy about the current state of amateur radio.
  • I've decided to get on and enjoy it, and to not care if there are people, behaviours, modes or band-uses that would previously annoy me.
  • It's just a hobby.
  • And I note that the new OFCOM licence documents seem to have redefined the purpose of Amateur Radio:
4. The Licensee must ensure that the Radio Equipment is only used:
a) for the purpose of self-training in radio communications, including conducting
technical investigations; or
b) as a leisure activity and not for commercial purposes of any kind
  • I'm not sure when Clause 4. b) appeared, but it means I no longer have any justification to be grumpy at people who use amateur radio with no underlying ethos of self-training.
  • I don't want to be a sad ham. There's too much fun stuff to do in radio as a hobby, so why spend precious time tuning around and finding fault with what you hear on the air? Just get on the air and do your own thing.
  • I recently threw my toys out of the pram over You Tube and its forcing of adverts on everyone - (i.e. when they started to warn people to stop using AdBlockers).
    • I decided I wanted no part in You Tube and deleted my account/videos.
    • I notice that recently they seem to have stopped warning me about using an AdBlocker (UBlock Origin)
    • Have they give up that fight, or are the AdBLock developers just getting better at hiding?
    • Anyway - I might post a few videos now that I'm getting back into the hobby, and enjoying it, and not being a grumpy old ba***rd.
  • I even had some 40m SSB QSOs recently - something I thought I'd never do again.
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