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GM4SLV Allstar

UHF Allstar Gateway


PlatformRapsberry Pi
InterfaceCM108 Soundcard
AllStar http://stats.allstarlink.org/stats/48148



* DTMF Commands

  • Please send * 7 3 to ensure all links are disconnected before making any new links
Command DTMF Sequence
Disconect from Node xxxx * 1 xxxx
Connect RX Only to xxxx * 2 xxxx
Connect Transceive to xxxx * 3 xxxx
Speak the Node Status * 7 0
Disconnect ALL nodes * 7 3
Reconnect ALL nodes * 7 4
Send Node ID * 8 0
Speak the Local Time * 8 1
Parrot ON * 9 1
Parrot OFF * 9 2
Parrot ONCE * 9 3
Name * 5 Macro shortcut to… DTMF Sequence Node No.
Hubnet Disconnect from Hubnet * 5 1 1 41223
Hubnet Connect RX Only to Hubnet * 5 2 1 41223
Hubnet Connect Transceive to Hubnet * 5 3 1 41223

Courtesy Tones

Can give information about the node status.

After a local Transmission on the “input” frequency the reponse will be one of:

  • Morse Letter I (di-dit) = node is not connected to any other nodes
  • Morse Letter R (di-dah-dit) = node is connected in “Monitor/RX only” mode to one or more nodes
  • Morse Letter K (dah-di-dah) = node is connected in “Transceive” mode to one or more nodes

There are other tones, e.g. when a station on a linked node unkeys there's a low-pitched “bloop”

When a local RF station sends a command there's a “bip bip” (not to be confused with the Morse letter I)

AllStar nodes can also connect to Echolink

The node is occasionally connected to Echolink as GM4SLV-L

(UPDATEJohn Pumford-Green 24/04/23 14:47 ) I have disabled the Echolink connection by editing /etc/asterisk/modules.conf to change the channel driver for Echolink to noload

To turn Echolink ON or OFF edit /etc/asterisk/modules.conf


noload => chan_echolink.so ;


load => chan_echolink.so ;

an Asterisk reload is necessary:

gm4slv@mb7aze:/etc/asterisk$ sudo astres.sh
Restarting Asterisk
systemctl restart asterisk.service

John Pumford-Green 24/04/23 14:44

Further Information

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