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DM41X Advantage Pac

The HP Advantage Pac module

Useful Functions

The Advantage Pac Module adds several features not normally found on the HP41.

The most useful to me are:

  • MATRX : Simple square matrix “Simultaneous Equation” solutions
  • CFIT : Fitting data to various curves : LIN/LOG/Ex/Power
  • SOLVE and INTEGrate : similar to the HP15C/DM15L functions
  • TVM : Finance calculations

Also available are

  • Complex Numbers
  • Number Bases and Boolean Logic

These are better handled in the Angel Martin modules HP-41Z and HP-16C

  • Vector
  • Polynomial Solver
  • Matrix (more extensive than the one above)
  • Differential Equations
  • Co-ordinate Transformations

These are less useful to me (at the moment)

John Pumford-Green 05/08/22 14:26

Further Information

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