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Calculator Hints & Tips

DM16L Startup Keys

Start Keys

  • The DM16L has a few options which are set by holding certain keys at power on
KeyFunction description
A Display time/date for 5 minutes
C Switch to serial console
E System info. Firmware version, battery voltage, current frequency, etc.
FChange LCD contrast.1)
BINReset LCD contrast to default values.
STOAdjust RTC: decrement -1h
RCLAdjust RTC: increment +1h
7 Cycle through available fonts
9 Configure CPU speed. Toggle between 12MHz and 48MHz
÷ Keyboard self test
Self test
Power reset
+ Endless test
.Toggle decimal delimiter
GSBTime/date adjustment.2)
GTO Toggle annunciator position

Further Information

LCD Setting : Param1: up +, down −, Param2: up CHS, down 3
Date Adjustment Usage: Up +, Down −, Next ⨯, Prev ÷, ENTER to Set, ON to Cancel
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