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HP35s Progs

============= 13/2/22 ===========================

#### HP35s Butterworth Filter designer
# Changed 12/2/22 to make it fit in a single prog label with no
# sub routines (ie using up additional labels). Frequency entry
# now in MHz.
# Results are copied from indirect-only registers 1->9 into Registers R -> Z 
# to make them accessible from RCL R, RCL S etc. on keyboard 

M001 LBL M
M002 SF 0
M004 1E6
M005 X
M006 STO F
M008 X<0?
M009 CF 0
M010 18.026
M011 STO A
M012 RCL A
M013 IP
M014 +/-
M015 STO J
M016 0
M017 STO(J)
M018 ISG A
M019 GTO M012
M020 ENG 3
M021 RCL N
M022 ABS
M023 1000
M024 /
M025 1
M026 +
M027 STO I
M028 STO H
M029 RCL I
M030 IP
M031 2
M032 X
M033 1
M034 -
M035 180
M036 X
M037 RCL N
M038 ABS
M039 2
M040 X
M041 /
M042 SIN
M043 2
M044 X
M045 FS? 0
M046 1/x
M047 STO(I)
M048 ISG I
M049 GTO M029
M050 RCL H
M051 STO I
M052 RCL I
M053 IP
M054 2
M055 /
M056 FP
M057 FS? 0
M058 GTO M101
M059 GTO M105
M060 RTN
M061 RCL(I)
M062 RCL F
M063 2
M064 X
M065 PI
M066 X
M067 /
M068 50
M069 X
M070 STO(I)
M071 RCL I
M072 17
M073 +
M074 +/-
M075 STO J
M076 RCL(I)
M077 STO(J)
M078 ISG I
M079 GTO M052
M080 RTN
M081 RCL(I)
M082 RCL F
M083 2
M084 X
M085 PI
M086 X
M087 /
M088 50
M089 /
M090 STO(I)
M091 RCL I
M092 17
M093 +
M094 +/-
M095 STO J
M096 RCL(I)
M097 STO(J)
M098 ISG I
M099 GTO M052
M100 RTN
M101 x=0?
M102 GTO M081
M103 GTO M061
M104 RTN
M015 x=0?
M106 GTO M061
M107 GTO M081
M108 RTN

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