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Another diversion... I3 Tiling WM

John Pumford-Green 09/10/22 13:58

After setting up Alpine and some other console-mode software I got the urge to try going back to another window manager I've played with in the past - I3 WM

I used it on my touchscreen Raspberry Pi that used to live in the LandRover as a control panel for the Icom IC-M710 HF radio - as it's good for simple mouse-less control.

I delved into the usual round of other tiling WMs:

  • I3
  • DWM
  • Herbstluftwm (HLWM)

After setting up some things on I3 to work the way I wanted I didn't see the need to re-invent the wheel by spending time learning/configuring DWM or HLWM so I've settled on I3

There are some snippets of info and configs on a page in the Wiki:

I3 Window Manager

I have it setup on my laptop which runs Antix Linux from a USB memory stick, without using the Hard Drive, and with Persistent Storage working well it's a great, fast and responsive, Linux-on-the-desktop user machine. I'm limited by how much software can be installed, as it all has to fit in 3GB of RAM once it boots. There's some USB storage available for data/documents etc. too.

I'm also setting I3 up on the old laptop I have in the shed as my main fixed machine - which is where I'm learning to write 6502 Assembly, and using I3 tiling WM is great for this - one large tile can have a VIM session to edit the source code, smaller tiles with terminal/shell can be used to assemble the code and to write/burn it to EEPROM, and to handle GIT commits/uploads to GITHUB.

Linux is just so versatile!

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