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Thu 04/04/24 : VPS & SSL

Trying to decide if this blog should be a general catch-all place for any and all subjects, or only for Radio related ones.

I'll start adding things that aren't strictly radio and see how I feel.

Let's start with a computer/server related one….

Virtual Private Server

I got a email to say my domain gm4slv.org.uk has renewed for another 2 years and another that my ssl certificate for use on this website has renewed too.

This means remembering how to install ssl certificates on the webserver. Fortunately I didn't have to go through the initial steps of creating a signed request etc. The new certificates were simply drop-in replacements for the existing ones. My wiki already had a step-by step account of installing the original ssl certificates, so it was easy enough to repeat the process to replace them with the new ones.

how to do it

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