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Fri 17 Nov 2023

After a couple of months away from the shack - domestic issues kept me away, and now it's winter and cold - I decided to have a look on 60m Olivia this evening, since I can do this from the comfort of the house without shutting myself away in the cold shed - the outside temp. is 0C and there's frost on the ground.

I made a VNC connection to the shack PC and ran Fldigi - it's been quite a long time since I've played radio like this.

After one CQ call at 1747z I was answered by Alan M0AGJ in Doncaster, which was a big surprise.

We had a nice, short QSO - and I found that his initial reply to me had been at only 1 watt, although he quickly increased to 100W fearing 1W was too weak. I have a feeling 1W would have been ok.

At full power his S/N was always positive, up to 18dB at times.

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