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Rig and Key List

Vibroplex Presentation

1957 Presentation Model

  • Bought : ? , eBay
  • Cost : ?
  • Serial Number : 198474
  • Date : 1957
  • Plate : D6

Features the “La Hiff” adjustable mainspring, which was only used on the original “genuine” Presentation models.



This was my first bug key and has had to have some work to repair damage to the frame. The tapped holes for the screws that hold the frame to the base were stripped, and the frame couldn't be tightened sufficiently to the base. I found the easiest (although not invisible) way to fix it was to drill through the original holes, all the way, and then tap a new thread (M6) and use longer screws to secure the frame to the base. This has spoiled the key's “original” appearance, but made it actually useable as a bug key, which to my mind is much more important. I'm sure old-time professional bug users would make whatever repairs were necessary to keep their favourite keys in operation, caring little of maintaining “originality”. You can see one of the protruding bolts here:

John Pumford-Green 20/06/23 05:43

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