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Calculator Information

HP35S Info

Purchase Information

HP35s #1

  • Date : December 2020
  • From : Amazon
  • Price : £46
  • Serial : PHA9150B2C
  • New Batteries
    • Jan 2022
    • Mar 2024

HP35s #2

  • Date : December 2020
  • From : Calculators Direct
  • Price : £46
  • Serial : PHA9150KFF
  • New Batteries
    • Jan 2022
    • Feb 2024

The HP35s

I have two of these - one for the workshop/shed and one for general use. I try to keep them programmed with the same functions mostly.

The HP35s is a useful RPN programmable scientific calculator, with a few annoyances, but I'm glad I've got a couple lying around to play with. Of course it's not possible to interface a computer with the HP35s, so I have no electronic records of my programs. I write everything down in a notebook, in case I need to re-enter it later, but sharing it online isn't quite as straightforward as with the SwissMicros calculators.

HP35S Program Listings

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