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Sun 07/04/24 : Allstar

I had a think, and indecisive as ever, I decided to change from Svxlink/Echolink to Allstar.

There's no real advantage to either system, as most people/nodes are linked on one of the major “clusters” such as HubNet which is accessible from all platforms (Allstar, Echolink, DMR, YSF etc).

I've set up Allstar node 48148 on 144.9125MHz at 5W. http://stats.allstarlink.org/stats/48148, it also acts as an Echolink node, too GM4SLV-L

I used previous config files from MB7AZE AllStar Config and GM4SLV Allstar to configure the new node which is running Allstar V2 Beta from downloads.allstarlink.org tweaked to suit the current setup where necessary.

I'll add a new wiki page HERE with the details soon


  • The Echolink part certainly works
  • Someone connected via Echolink while I was walking the dogs and it turned out to be Vic G0RAS
  • We had a nice chat - I was trying to keep the howling gale from the TH-D72's microphone.
  • Vic was connected via the Echolink mobile phone app - no radio link at his end.
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