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Rig and Key List

Vibroplex Champion

1960 Champion Model

  • Bought : June 2023, eBay
  • Cost : £150
  • Serial Number : 211617
  • Date : 1960
  • Plate : D6



Bought from eBay seller morsecodemad . Arrived 23/6/23 in good condition, with only the dot contacts requiring a cleaning/polishing to make it work perfectly “from the box”

Minimum speed appears to be around 20 wpm, which is a little faster than my Presentation bug which goes down (with both weights at the end) to around 18wpm.

Feels very smooth and much quieter than the Presentation and is very pleasant to use, on the first night's testing on air 23/6/23.

Worked a few stations on 30m with the Champion to check it out and found it working perfectly.

  • SB7S
  • UA1ALY
  • F8GNV
  • W2IRT
  • UV5EML
  • DK6FX

The only issues were with my own technique, which is still developing and needs much more work.

John Pumford-Green 20/06/23 05:43

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